Co Sponsorship

Opportunities for Co-Sponsors

Co-sponsors of the conference are offered with multiple opportunities including placement of their organization/company logo/emblem in the backdrop, advertisement in souvenir, etc. The sponsorship contribution is as follows:

Co-sponsorship Contribution
Platinum INR 10.00 Lakh (US$ 16000) with 3 guest delegates (free registration)
Diamond INR 5.00 Lakh (US$ 8000) with 2 guest delegates (free registration)
Gold INR 2.50 Lakh (US$ 4000) with 1 guest delegate (free registration)

Advertisement in Souvenir

The Souvenir of the Conference which will contain messages from VIP's and articles from renowned scientists, policy makers and administrators have provision for advertisement by the Companies. Souvenir is a very important publication of the Conference and is usually kept by the delegates for long period to be used as reference book. Interested Companies may contact the organizers for giving their advertisements. The rates for the advertisement are as follows:

Advertisement Contribution
Full colour page INR 1.0 lakh ($ 1500) with 1 guest delegate (free registration)
Half colour page INR 75000 ($ 1200) with 1 guest delegate (free registration)
Full B/W page INR 50000 ($ 800) with 1 guest delegate (free registration)
Late fees : $ 100