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International Conference on

Soil and Water Resources Management for Climate Smart Agriculture, Global Food and Livelihood Security

New Delhi, India, November 5th-9th, 2019


Prof. (Dr.) Suraj Bhan
President, Soil Conservation Society of India

Soil and water management under changing climate for agricultural, food, environmental and energy and livelihood security is a pre-requisite for sustainable agricultural production. The socio-economic, environmental, energy and livelihood impacts are significant to achieve sustained agricultural growth. Natural resources are critically important components of life support system, the efficient conservation and management of which are vital for achieving food and livelihood security with economic growth and rural development. With increasing demand on land, mainly because of increase in population, life style changes, urbanization, industrialization and other non-farm, diversion takes place not only from wastelands but also from agriculturally and ecologically important areas such as forests, pasture lands and even cultivated lands. With the degradation of our natural resources, soil and water have become a matter of serious concern for the farmers, researchers, academicians, scientists and policy makers, as these in turn affect issues like upliftment of rural people, food security and livelihood.

In this context, an International Conference is planned to be organized from 5 -9 November, 2019 at New Delhi, India, to address the issues and challenges of Soil and Water Resource Management under changing climate. This conference is being organized jointly by World Association of Soil and Water Conservation (WASWAC), International Soil Conservation Organization (ISCO) and Soil Conservation Society of India, (SCSI) New Delhi with SCSI as host organization. The focus of the Conference is to propose a policy framework so as to protect, conserve and develop the natural resources and use them sustainably to alleviate poverty, hunger, enhance livelihood security, environmental stability and improve the quality of life. The target groups for the international conference are scientists, researchers, academicians, policy makers, extension workers, field functionaries, engineers, students, farmers, NGO's and other stakeholders from the field of natural resources management. We feel privileged in inviting you for your active participation and valued deliberations to make this international conference a successful event.

New Delhi, India
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