The organizers will arrange for one day tours to site of erosion management in foothill region and ravine land management. The details of the sites to be visited are as follows. Visitor can also experience the local sites of historic and scenic importance. Further details will be put up on the website.

Chandigarh: Nearly 250 km distance from New Delhi with driving time of 4 hours. The village Sukhomajri situated in the foothills of the Shivalik range of North-western Himalayas was facing major land degradation challenges. The area was taken up for sustainable development through different land development and watershed management techniques. The nearby Kandi areas where large scale soil conservation and restoration of foothills was taken up will also be the part of the trip.

Agra: 200 km distance from New Delhi with driving time of 3 hours. Large scale land development works on Soil Conservation, rejuvenation and restoration of devastated ravine lands in the catchment of river Yamuna and Chambal.