1. Advances in natural resources inventory for food, energy and livelihood Security.
  2. Soil quality and challenges in resilient agriculture, agro-forestry, horticulture, bio-diversity and forest management.
  3. Rainwater harvesting, wise use of water, integrated watershed management and community participation.
  4. Land use management, biodiversity conservation, coastal ecosystem management, for sustaining soil health and productivity.
  5. Intensification of cropping systems, Sustainable production systems and Integrated Farming System for doubling farmers income.
  6. Irrigation and drainage management in canal and tube well commands, environmental sustainability and food security.
  7. Land management in mountainous areas, sloppy lands, plateaus, plains, deserts, community grasslands, rangelands and alpine and sub-alpine pastures.
  8. Erosion effects on soil, soil carbon sequestration under different land uses and energy management.
  9. Soil salinization, acidification, contaminated soils, mined soils, wastelands and degraded land management.
  10. Remote sensing and GIS, Empirical approaches and modeling soil and water degradation processes, decision support system.
  11. Treatment and management of low quality residual waters, Environmental issues and protection strategies of water bodies, flood water management and ground water recharging
  12. Profitable farming, rural livelihoods, socio-economic conditions Implications
  13. Research and Education in soil and water conservation issues for sustaining land and water productivity and Constraints, challenges and future strategies for implementing soil and water conservation practices
  14. Policy interventions, socio-economic constraints and challenges in global food security
  15. Climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies, land use and land use planning for smart agriculture and rural livelihood
  16. Women empowerment, rehabilitation, environment protection, employment generation, energy utilization, soil solarization, hill cultivation, micro flora and fauna